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China Broadcasting Directory
China Broadcasting Buyers Guide


China Broadcasting Buyers Guide is read by over 15,000 senior executives in the broadcast industry across the country.
The breakdown of circulation is as follows:

There are 26 provinces in China and hundreds of cities in each province, then the counties in each city, the towns in each county. In one station at least four readers: Director, Deputy Director, Senior Engineer and Chief Technician.
Advertising Rates( In USD )
Special Position Dimension(WxH)mm 1 Insertion 6 Insertion 12 Insertions
Front Cover 200X205 1600 1440 1280
Back Cover 210X285 1300 1170 1040
Inside Front Cover 210X285 1000 900 800
Inside Back Cover 210X285 900 810 720
First Inside page 210X285 950 855 760
Double-page Spread 415X285 1050 945 840
Full page 210X285 700 630 560
Specified Position: Regular earned rate +15%
If translation needed no discount is available in the above Advertising Rates.
Material Specifications:
  Films: Color separated positive films in 175 line screen with emulsion side down
Digital files: Hi-res PDF files
Dimensions: Trim size 210mm(W) x 285mm(H), Bleed Size plus 3 mm over the trim size on all sides
Payment Terms:
  Payment for advertising insertions is due 30 days before publication of the issue.
Publishing Date: 20th of each month
Booking Deadline: Two weeks before publication
Material Deadline: One week before publication
Editorial priorities
China Broadcasting Buyers Guide is a trade magazine which is dedicated to providing the most updated information on new products, technologies and success stories in product applications.

The target readers are decision makers in China’s Radio & TV institutions. Due to its extensive contents in columns such as Product Showcase and Success Story, etc., the magazine has won a good reputation, just like it is named as “mobile exhibition” and “case study” by the readers.
Major contents
A multi-faceted publicizing system has been established especially by way of specially-positioned product -image advertising, in concert with soft-word promotion, which is simultaneously publicized by Chinese-version website to facilitate more promotion both online and offline. The major contents are as follows:

  • What’s New

  • Enterprise Billboard

  • Success Story

  • Products Showcase

  • Products Selling Index

  • Events Calendar
    Months Contents Events 2008

    New year message: Outlook on 2008 Development Trends.
    Editorial emphasis will be on editing and production & play out equipment.


    CCBN preview: To introduce the products showcase and the number of booths released.
    It will focus on CATV, IPTV, Mobile TV, etc.


    A combined double issue (Production and Transmission) comes out with a take out pack inside. CCBN Special column
    will be inserted in Transmission volume focusing on the exhibitors and products showcased at CCBN.

    China Content Broadcasting Network Exhibition(CCBN)

    Highlight shows such as POST CCBN and CCBN REVIEW will be established, including award-winning products and a summary of the exhibitors.

    MAY POST NAB Reports focusing on the products in China
    Around Beijing International Lighting Instruments and Professional
    Audio Technology Exhibition, focus on the articles related to professional audio technology and lighting.

    National CATV Technology
    China City TV Station Annual
    The South International Radio, TV and Networking Equipment Exhibition
    Shenyang International Digital TV Broadcasting Network Exhibition

    To introduce the annual conference of the City TV Stations.
    To introduce the preparatory work for Beijing Olympic Games.

    Jiangsu International Radio, TV and Networking Equipment Exhibition

    To report on the post-event of Shanghai TV Festival (STVF).
    Olympic Special Reports

    China (Chongqing) International Information Technology Expo & China (Chongqing) Radio, TV and Networking Equipment Exhibition

    Olympic Special Reports around products application, technology etc.


    IBC Preview:Products exhibited technology and application.


    Pro BIRTV Report column and booths number release.
    Post IBC Review.

    International Cable & Telecom Conference in Hangzhou (ICTC)
    The Sichuan TV Festival

    A combined double issue (production and transmission) with a take out pack inside.
    BIRTV Special focusing on the introduction of the exhibitors.
    Round-up report of POST ICTC.

    Beijing International Radio, TV and Film Equipment Exhibition (BIRTV)
    DEC Highlight shows such as POST BIRTV and BIRTV REVIEW, giving prominence to the award-winning products.  
    Supporting services of e-expo China
    ■ Unique services are also available in that China Broadcasting Buyers Guide is supported by the Chinese-version website Http:// to add convenience for those who want to purchase extensively-covered products. However, for those who want to sell their products can also be benefited by first getting registered and then advertising their products for sale
    ■ The supporting services of China Broadcasting Buyers Guide are highly effective thanks to the website which is ranked the first in listing by search engines Google and Baidu when the industry keyword “Broadcasting Purchasing” in Chinese is searched
    Complimentary services of e-expo China:
    ◆ One-full year services of five static web pages, including: (1) Company Info; (2) Products Showcase; (3) Distributor Wanted; (4) Contact Details; (5) Message Board, etc., are provided in e-expo China for international manufacturers, if ads booked in China Broadcasting Buyers Guide
    ◆ Service of a banner ad (120 pixels x 45 pixels) in is simultaneously provided if ad booked in China Broadcasting Buyers Guide lasting more than six months


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